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Anti RMT-SPAM measures
21 August 2012
One of the BIG problems with Free2Play MMORPG's are the Real Money Traders (RMT). The main reason Free2Play MMORPG's are invested with them is that, well... the game is FREE. And because of that, the RMT's make bots to level to the minimum level where they can advertise their illegal activities (keep in mind that EVERY sale of in-game items for real world currency is not allowed in almost every MMORPG).

For Aion, this minimum level is 10. At that level you can go to the capitol of your faction and there the RMT bots are sitting, polluting the local /shout chat to a point where it's impossible for you to see what others are telling But there's an other thing that these RMT bots so. When they 'see' you, you're put on a list and you can expect /tells from them as well

 photo aion2012082111263388_zpsc93a3e67.jpeg
When browsing the options, I found the above option: Block whispers from players < lvl 15 and Block mail from players < lvl 10. The first one is rather obvious. Just block the /tell RMT SPAM. Since the RMT yell bots won't go past level 10, it's save to tick the whisper block. But the mail thing is an odd one I think. Why would a RMT bot send you mail? Really, I have no clue why that option was added, but "just in case", I ticked that one as well

Back to the /shout pollution in the capitols. We can't report players in cities for botting (still don't know why this is prohibited...). But GameForge did come up with something else for that. They made a Kinah report site for that, where you can upload a screenshot and name the 'player' advertising the RMT.

It looks like GameForge is one of the few Free2Play publishers taking measuers against RMT. So far I have no idea if the Kinah report page really does work, but from the looks of it, there are new bots every day to offer their 'services'...

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