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Hopping server
23 August 2012
After yesterday's experience, I took a good look at the Aion forum to see what server is real active. And from the looks of it, the old server (Spatalos) is all but active. I mean, in the server section there are only 53 threads with a total of 458 posts. Compare this to the newest server (Nexus), where the total of threads hits 126 with a total of 913 posts total. Yeah, clearly the old servers (Spatalos and Perento, the latter is even less active on the forum) have had their best days I think.

Then the server I did pick: Anuhart. I'm not sure how recent this one is, but I don't recall it to be a former NCSoft server. This server is real active on the forums. The total of threads are 207 with a bit over 4.000 posts. Now that does seem like an active server. Browsing this server's forum quickly did indeed show a rather active server. But that's on the forum. How are things on the actual server..?

So I made an Elyos character there (by now she's a Chanter). And first thing I come across is a RMT yeller. Now that's a good (and rather annoying) sign already. RMT seller would not bother to start 'advertising' on the spot where new players enter the game if there won't be new players, right?

And indeed, this theory has shown to be right indeed. After playing a bit I already saw active players on my way to the 1st village. Entering that village, I saw it buzzing with life. It was almost as if the server just got started as a new one. I really didn't expect so much players to be on this server

It's clear that my characters and their stuff on the old servers are dead now. I'm not going back there anymore. Those servers are too old, and from the looks of it only interesting for 40+ players. On my journeys there I didn't meet too many players, and almost none in the starter areas

Now I hope that the Anahart server's community is a good one. Lets try to find an active legion and hope to party with some players out there. Well, as Chanter I think I have good chances on parties anyway

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