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World vs World vs World (Wv3)
01 September 2012
Posted in Guild Wars
If you know me, you know that I really do not like *ANY* form of fixed faction-based PvP. World of Warcraft is the best known example of it, but games like Dark Age of Camelot (DOAC) and Fallen Earth have fixed factions as well, though more than one. As I've written more than once, fixed faction-based based PvP is a game that comes down to 'if it moves and not one of us, then shoot it'.

Well, Guild Wars 2 has Wv3, where a cluster of 3 servers constantly battle over strongholds on the map. Each server represents their own faction (yes, it's as fixed as it sounds), yet GW2 does make the Wv3 fixed faction PvP fun.

Because of the 'usefulness' of the objectives in the Wv3 the PvP gives me a meaning to participate. It's not a battleground (WoW) where you farm badges and when you have gained <x> badges you can buy some item from it. No, the Wv3 results do influence certain statistics on the home server as well (forgot to make a screenshot of them), and there's also a lot of more hard to find materials in the Wv3 areas.

Yesterday morning when I logged on early (had trouble sleeping), there were a couple of guildies on-line and with the 4 of us we decided to give Wv3 a go. We started to capture a depot and before we knew what happened a few players from our server started to tag along. A couple became more and before we knew what happened, we were with 2 dozen players swarming the Wv3 areas.

Below are 2 movies (half an hour total) of 2 towers we captured with the swarm of players from our server. Man, since Lineage II I've never had so much fun with PvP.

Only bad thing about the Wv3 is that there is only 1 map for it, and there's a limit on the number of players it can hold (I have no idea what that number is though). Most of the time when I try to access Wv3 after 2pm, it's a no-go and I'm queued. And that queue takes real long (hours) to go through

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