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Ascalonian Catacombs (story mode)
04 September 2012
Posted in Guild Wars
Yesterday evening, one of the guildies wanted to do the Ascalonian Catacombs. Since I haven't visited those yet, I was in for it. Within no time we had a party up and running and were ready to rumble. But... One guildie already had done it and warned us that it'd be hard like hell...

But before we'd be able to enter the actual catacombs, we had to wake up some champion from his grave. That one guildie warned us that this would already be tough, but to his surprise we managed it quite well as part. When that champion was down we headed into the actual catacombs and much to our surprise it all went very well...
...all but the Two Lovers in their lair... As you might have seen in the movie, those two took us almost half an hour to kill. Most of the time we lost there was after 3 complete wipes (we were really missing a 2nd melee player there) when the Two Lovers were reset again But in the end we managed to kill them as well.

The final reward was a bit of a let-down though. Okay, it was a yellow cap/hat, but for me it was kinda useless. The mask I was wearing had in general better stats (aside from missing 2 armor points on the yellow one). Also worth to notice is that we had quite a number of 'green stuff' dropped. Now we have to wait for the Trading Post to be up & running again to sell them off

On a side note... It was fun to see how the original story from Guild Wars (1) had been used to make these catacombs happen. I did play through that content completely in GW(1) and enjoyed it a lot, with the Charr taking over the lands of Old Ascalon. Now the old king is haunting his old beloved city...

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