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Personal story continueing and more choices
11 September 2012
Posted in Guild Wars
With professor Gorr saved and his theory being already known by the Arcane Council, I'm summoned to Lion's Arch to meet with the Destiny's Edge. But as usual, something comes up...

Unlike previous entries with the personal story, I will post some comments below certain movies about that I liked of it...
Note the 3 kids playing some of the history of the game. I found it amuzing enough just to stand there and actually listen to how those kids play it

Ooohhh.... Still h ave a headache of that drinking-contest. But I showed them that a lil' arusa knows her beers Also worth to note that for every race the skills used in the drinking contest differ. I've seen a screenshot of someone (non asura of course) with a complete different set of skills when drinking....

Again a choice to make. With me having trouble with under water combat (not so much after I found out I still had a white lvl 1 spear as 2nd weapon ) and I didn't want to take up against some aggressive bunch of gawl, the hylek are the ones left over for me.
Also, looking at my previous comment on the playability of Guild Wars 2, here there's yet an other path choice to be made, adding an even larger number of possible personal stories to the game. Damn, I can't imagine how long it'd take to play each and every possible personal story available in this game

The last 3 movies in this entry are the start of the unfolding of the main plot of the game. Undead being risen by dragons to battle the living and get more undead to their armies. I'm yet unsure what the main reason of this tactic is, but I guess that dragons want the inhabitants of the world gone...

I haven't included the debriefing after this mission, because it'll take me directly to the next part of the personal story. So far I can say that things are turning REAL UGLY...

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