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An other server hop for a special guild
18 September 2012
Posted in Guild Wars
After the server an guild hopping I started 2 days ago, I ended up on the Eredon Terrace server. Since this is a low population server *LOL - it's medium loaded but still pretty crowded* I thought it would be a good home to start searching for a guild. I went to Eredon Terrace because on a medium populated server, the Wv3 queues are very low (if no queue at all).

Along the way I've had a couple of guild invites for both the Eredon Terrace server and a couple of other servers. The guilds that invited me on the Eredon Terrace server were very small (one even had only 2 members so far...), while the other guild invites I had were players from games I'd never play (MOBA's and shooters) or ex-WoW players. Well, the 1st would be a problem because of a totally different mindset of playing a MMORPG, and the second might become a problem next week (with the release of the MoP expansion and lots of WoW-addicts possibly returning).

But one invite did stand out of the rest:

If you haven't found a guild yet, let me know. We are a small guild yet, but sound like you would be right up our alley. Knights of Beowulf (Sorrow's Furnace) are so far made up of Ex- Lineage 2 players who have been playing L2 for the last 8+ years. Not sure what server you were on, but we were on the original Bartz server, which is now Chronos, and we came from the ArcaneGenesis Clan (Hopefully you weren't an enemy ). Haven't talked to many of the L2 players into moving over here yet, but still working on getting a few more to move on over.

We consist of a Guild Leader from Scotland, and the rest of us so far are from Canada/US. We are looking more for casual players that are here to have fun, and not rush to Lvl 80. Our ages range from about 30-65. We are doing more PVE at the moment, but once we get to a decent level, will partake in the WvWvW alot more. I will be setting up a forum in the next few weeks, and we do have a Ventrilo server already in place. If your interested let me know. You can leave me a message on the forums, or message Psyzin or AntusGully in game

I was like OMG! Though not on the server I'm on now, it is an opportunity I just can't let go. Play with players who used to play Lineage II in it's 'toughest' times. Not to mention, it takes a certain 'mindset' to play Lineage II to start with. It is (well, was ) such a different MMORPG compared with all the rest on the market, and the PvP is so much different than most MMORPG's as well.

Yes, I did hop to their server immediately and asked for an invite. Though the guild is still rather small, I think I have found my new home now!

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