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Knights of Beowulf guild-forum
20 September 2012
Posted in Guild Wars
After my server hop and finding a guild with former Lineage II players, our guild leader was up for a forum and ventrilo server. That ventrilo server was no problem for him (still have to install vent on my system and connect to the server), but the forum was a bit of a problem. He ended up on some free phpBB forum, but he wasn't real happy with it. Mostly because of the very misleading ads (no Google ads for sure) that were on the forum, luring you to very suspicious sites.

He was looking for alternative forum sites (in a thread on the free forum), but he came on pretty high costs. Well, high... About $8/month, but to pay that for only a forum, he thought was too much (I though the same BTW). At that point I dropped a reply that I'm with a pretty good and stable webhost ( and that I can drop almost unlimited domains here. The only thing I have to do is register a domain (and pay the annual fee of around 18) and I'd be good to go.

With this news he was real happy, so this morning I registered for our guild forum and started to setup the phpBB forums. I also was lucky to find a nice looking GW2 skin for the forum, and by now it seems to be running smoothly.

The guild-leader has already registered on the forums, and I gave him admin rights as well, so he can manage the forums as well (good thing, he's from the US, so we have almost 24/7 admin coverage on the forums ). Now it's up to him to promote the guild and make our guild grow

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