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Undead are on the move...
21 September 2012
Posted in Guild Wars
In the last part of the personal story of my Asura necromancer, I found out that the dragons were using undead to create their army. When I reported that, I was taken of the current case and had to search for Yeng Isen, who hasn't been heard of for a while. We started at his house...

Damn, that was one tough undead minion there - wish I could add it to my own forces. But now is not the time to admire this one, it's time to alert the guards of Lion's Arch that we have found a scout of an undead army and that the army itself might already be on it's way...

That was one damn tough part of the personal story. The movie shows my 3rd try, and I am surprised it took me only 3 tries There weer 2 awe inspiring moments  for me in this movie. The first one was when the undead ship emerged from the depths (it did kinda remind me of the Flying Dutchman from the Pirates of the Caribbean series ), and the second was when that dragon made it's entry. For a moment I was afraid I had to actually fight it there...

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