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Necromantic minions lack AI for sure
02 October 2012
Posted in Guild Wars
I know that the minions of the necromancer are undead and not supposed to be smart. But when I summon them, I do expect some control over them.

In Guild Wars 2, as necromancer you have no control over your minions at all. In other MMORPG's you at least have some basic control about them (attack, assist and fall back). In GW2, all they do is assist you in your attacks. Well, assist..? Lets take a closer look at what happens with my minions on a regular basis...

As said above, the minions are on a default assist in GW2, and when I attack, the minions attack as well. Luckily this happens in most of the cases. But when I attack a target on the maximum range of my staff (1200), only the ranged minion assists me. The other 2 (melee) minions just stand there and play dumb. Then you'd expect the 2 dumb minions to get active when the target comes close... Well, think again! Even with the target practically kissing me, those 2 dumb minions stay where they are, not doing a single thing!

And then we have that at times those 2 dumb melee minions are ona killing spree... Even when I'm not attacking or have nothing targeted at all! They see an aggro monster (though far away, not bothering about me at all) and move toward it to kill it. And with aggro monsters not being alone most of the time, they hop from one monster to the next, killing them one by one. Nice for the XP, but not what I was aiming for at all...

Yeah, clearly the AI used for the necromantic minions lacks brains. As I started with, undead aren't the brightest bunch to control, but this has nothing to do with control. According to each & every lore on undead that are summoned show that the summoner has at least some basic control about the minions. Looks like the Guild Wars 2 developers didn't really dive into the 'standard' lore for undead at all.

Now, I'm not asking for my necromancer to have full control over the minions as a ranger has in GW2, but some better AI on my minions would really be nice!

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