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Hopped server and bought TERA
03 October 2012
After the comments that my old Lineage II buddy Zylo made, I decided to hop to his server (read: restart all over again). Of course, I made an other Elin Mystic on the PvE server and named her Demigoth as well (no surprise there I guess).

That was about 3 days ago already... By now my lil' Elin is already level 16. Though it might seem high in level in such a short time, I am not really rushing the content. Even better, I am reading all of the quests to see how some stories build up, instead of clicking 'OK' and see where the next markers on the map are.

And then I've also bought TERA on ebay for only $22 (17). The seller was kind enough to open the box, send me the key by eMail and ship the box afterward. I'm not in a hurry to recieve the box (other than to have the map on paper ), so I'll see when it'll arrive.

Immediately after I recieved the key and registered it on the TERA website, I upgraded my account to that of a Digital Collectors Edition. This gives me 2 necklaces (one for level 15, the other for level 40) as well as a lion mount.
 photo TERA2012100118190161_zps37fcd245.jpeg

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