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Missing actual partying
07 October 2012
Posted in Guild Wars
It's taken a while for me to find out what I'm missing in Guild Wars 2, but it finally it me after I was playing TERA today: playing in an actual party with someone. Don't get me wrong, the way GW2 handles the player cooperation is very well done, but as a former Lineage II player (and this a pretty old-school MMORPG-player) this system that GW2 implements feels wrong and empty...

Lets just take a look at two different DUO kills of monsters in both GW2 and TERA. In the first movie I kill a Champion troll in GW2, where in the last few hits 2 other players come help along (read leech XP and event).
The second movie is a Basilisk Big Ass Monster (BAM) in TERA that I thought I could solo as healer class. During my attempt an other players tells me he needs these basilisks as well for the same quest and we team up.

I hope you see the difference in game-play in the two movies - I do for sure! It is as I started above, in GW2 each player does his thing (read: DPS as much as possible and heal self when needed), while in TERA (and most other MMORPG's) players really have to cooperate to get the job done. In my role as mystic in the TERA movie, I'm doing a lot of DPS, but as you can see, I'm also dropping healing motes so that both the nuker and I can heal when we take too much damage from the basilisk. And it's exactly *THAT* what I'm missing in Guild Wars 2

Now, I'm not quitting GW2 at all, but I'm glad I know why I'm feeling less appealed to it right now. But it will mean I'll be playing less though, because such a fundamental thing is missing for me...

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