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Big Ass Monster (BAM) Radat solo
10 October 2012
For the main story quest, I had to kill a Big Ass Monster (BAM). When I found him, he indeed was a Big ASS for sure (check his behind in the movie ) and I asked my guild for help. That is, asked if anyone was out there around my level (23). Sadly this was not the case, and the lowest level guildie online was over 45 already. I thanked for his offer, and said I wanted a challenge and not a one-shot help and he understood.

So I was there alone (forgot to ask in /LFG though ) and figured that as healer-hybrid, I might as well give it a try alone. After all, if it was about to fail, I'd just run till the monster would be reset. But before I'd start, I dropped a lot of healing motes (damn, I LOVE those things!), gathered some mats for the 10 minute HP/MP regen buff and started...
Well, that was easy, and as quest reward I had a green robe. Very good for a couple of minutes work...

Later on I had a quest to kill similar BAM's and I figured if the one above was *THAT* easy, I could do the other ones solo as well. Now there I was wrong... Apperantly the BAM for the story quest has been made a 'bit' easier than the ones for the regular party quest...
 photo TERA2012101018582485_zps309b8d88.jpeg
This BAM was hard, and I mean REAL HARD! Here at 30% of HP, I think I've been busy with him for around 7-10 minutes already, and I've re-summoned my thrall of protection already 3 times or so. Damn, I really didn't think it would be this hard a challenge (I know - if one wishes for something, one might get it...)
 photo TERA2012101019033419_zps8096ef5c.jpeg
5 minutes later the BAM is finally dead, and the drips are worth it 4 green items (one was hidden in his corpse), 75silvers and a couple of regular stuff. Not to mention, 45K XP as well!

Cashing the quest was not so much cashing though. I had a 10silver rewards along with 8800XP Now that's a big let-down. Not to mention, when I cashed the quest I saw that I had an other quest as well that wanted me to kill 2 more of them. Guess now I'll yell in /LFG and see if there's anyone around who needs them as well

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