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I'll wait for Free2Play
18 October 2012
The last week I haven't played TERA at all. I thought TERA would be my new home as MMORPG, but it looks like I was wrong and RIFT will be the one. Oh yes, TERA is a good game, but for me not worth a monthly subscription. Let me try to explain why I think it's not worth it...

First and foremost, TERA is not worth a monthly subscription, because it has already failed in Korea and Japan. In both countries, the number of subscriptions has been reduced to a fraction of what it was at launch, and in Korea it's already fully F2P and Japan will most likely follow soon.

Then there is the content, it feels very repeatative to me. You go from one location to the next to pickup quests. I agree that most themepark MMOs are like this, but the problem with TERA is that all quests come down to 'Kill 10 rats'. Though that's not a real bad thing, the lack of skills does make it boring to me.

And speaking of killing monsters... The combat was said to be innovative, but I gotta say that it's not that innovative. Sure, there are some things that you don't see a lot, like monsters backing off when you crit on them and the no-target system, but are they really innovative? The no-target system has been used more than once in single-player RPGs, and though it'd rather new in MMORPGs, it is not a real innovation. The same goes for the monster AI. Yes, I gotta admit that the AI used is better than most MMORPGs use, but the AI used is also very predictable, and thus making the AI pretty bad

Then the most important thing why it's not worth the monthly subscription. The content updates... Since TERA has already failed in Korea (it's home) and Japan, the content updates seem to be limited to very small updates once a month or so, but nothing major. TERA is still undergoing regular maintenance where bugs are squashed, but that's about it. When I compare this with RIFT, I gotta say that RIFT is on top of it's customers with regular updates and now an enormous content update that'll blow your socks off.

I think I'll wait for TERA to go Free2Play. I did enjoy those few hours I spend playing it, but when I compare it to the other 2 MMOs I've played recently (Guild Wars 2 and RIFT) it was the one that I found least enjoyable. If (when most likely ) if goes F2P, I'll be back with it as 'casual MMO' to play.

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