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GambitHelper 2 - big changes coming
23 October 2012
It's been a while since I last posted here about GambitHelper 2.  And that's no surprise, because the last time I worked on the plugin, I made all changes I could make. But with the release of the Riders of Rohan expansion for Lord of the Rings online, there have been some additions to the LUA script language where it comes to the warden class.

One of the most important changes is the detection of the stance the warden is in (determination, recklessness or assailment), which really impact on how the gambits work. Where in the past I could not detect the stance, I had to use the 'most commonly used' stance for the warden to show the effect of the gambit. Though the determination and recklessness stance do not differ that much, the assailment stance is vastly different.
Now with the detection of the stances, I can finally comply to the requests of the GambitHelper 2 users who'd like to see the right gambit effect for the stances used!

With the stance detection, it would mean that I have to make even more resource graphical files. Right now with only one stance supported (determination), the whole resource directory is already 483Kb in size, all small .TGA pictures. Adding the 2 other stances in the same manner would mean that the size of the plugin would grow exponentially to close to 1.5Mb. Though it's not much, all those small files will eat up lots of slackspace and thus the actual size would be more.

To work around this problem, I'm thinking to ditch the 'big icon' .TGA files, but keep the use of 'big icons'. To do so, I have to be creative and I have already an idea on how to do that. I can also cut the actual gambit .TGA file in two parts, where the first part is a .TGA file that shows the actual gambit, and the second part will be the description.

But the main part will be to figure out how each gambit will work in each stance. The 2 newly added gambits with Riders of Rohan are well documented, but I doubt if the older used gambits are fully documented somewhere in the LotRo lorebook...

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