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RPG book-lists made
28 October 2012
I've been busy the last few days sorting out my RPG books. Most of all, I didn't realize I had *THAT* many books. The total number of books that I have is 277 Of those, a 119 will have to leave my collection. These include (as said before), DragonLance, Ravenloft, Planescape and most of my 3.0/3.5 books.

Now it's time to determine the value of these books. I think the best source for that is eBay right now. I know the 3.0/3.5 books can be sold for abour 75% of their retail price, but all the other items might be a problem. Not to mention, some items (Dragonlance 1st edition adventures and the Greyhawk A1 true A4 adventures) will be sold in a bundle.

A full list of all my books can be found here. The 1st tab holds the collection that I'll stick to, the 2nd tab (For Sale) is obviously what I'll be selling. If there's anything of your likings, please eMail me at reizla[at]gmail[dot]com (I don't care if you SPAM on that address, that's why it's a gMail address )

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