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GambitHelper 2 - upcoming changes
05 November 2012
I've posted about the upcoming version of the GambitHelper 2 plugin 2 weeks ago, and now I can tell more and where I am with the development...

I'll start with the resources (.TGA pictures) problem I spoke about. I have solved it partly already. I used to have 2 sets of .TGA files for the gambit descriptions (small 18px and big 24 px), and with a simple and sweet trick, I managed to ditch the big ones. That's a 50% savior in (slack) space!

Then the other problem I spoke about - 4 stances which would mean 4 full sets of gambit descriptions. When I made a full list of what the gambits fo in the 4 stances, I noticed that some gambits have the same result with different stances. The morale drain gambits for instance are all the same regardless of the stance you're in. But also other gambits have similar results in different stances. This made me think on how to use this and I came up with a simple and nifty trick.
Since all same results conform to the no stance, I figured to made a main set for the no-stance stance (hmm, sounds weird ). When any of the other stances has the same result, the no-stance .TGA file will be used. When I look at the excel sheet that I made I estimate that I can save about 30% of space this way.
Only problem now is how to implement it in the LUA code, but I have it worked out in rough lines already in my head. Now hope that it's not too hard to make real coded lines from these rough lines

I'm also fully redoing all the .TGA files for the stances, so that they all have a uniform look. With Zantuxx (previous developer) and me messing around with the .TGA files, there were a couple of differently used formats to display the results of the gambits. Now with the new uniform format, they'll all look the same way, making it easier for the player to see what the gambit actually does.
As a result of this uniform look, I also made a 'template' file in GIMP holding all the text-fields, colors and font-size I use. Now it's simply a click on the (un)hide button to toggle one and then just edit the actual text. This saves me lots of time creating all those .TGA files and (more importantly), when I have to make a correction (I'm only human, and it's said that to error is human ) or gambits are changed in their use, I can easily modify them.

The only down-side of this whole overhaul I'm doing is that it's extremely time consuming. I'm already 2 days *AHUM - 3 hours total* working on the new files and am half-way so far.

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