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Free2Play next month
09 January 2013
It looks like my predictions were right about TERA going Free2Play from the start. In October 2010 I was surprised that EnMasse Entertainment took Digital River as their payment handler as well as Frogster for the EU publisher. Like I said then, DR is a micro-transaction (READ cash shop) handler and Frogster only has Free2Play MMOs available.

Last November an extended trial was announced. Well, extended trial..? Playing for free up to level 28, almost halfway the game, is more than just a free trial in my book. When looking at the Free2Play path of Star Wars - The Old Republic, I then knew TERA would go fully Free2Play soon.

...but this soon..? Damn! EnMasse Entertainment has just announced that coming February (no precise day announced yet) TERA will go fully Free2Play (with cash shop). Some might be surprised, but I'm totally not. Like many previously subscription-based MMOs, TERA also offers a subscription that will give you certain advantages. But what I like most is that those who already have purchases TERA in the past (including me) will get a special 'Founder' Free2Play account which is pretty complete.

Now the question is if I'd return to TERA or stay with Fallen Earth... Well, as things are now, I think Fallen Earth will be my main MMO now, also because my brother is playing it as well, and we're both having a very good time there. I might install TERA to take a peek from time to time, but I won't be playing it a lot though...

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