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Gotta catch 'm all
08 February 2013
Posted in World of Warcraft
"You're kidding me, right..?" That was my first thought (during beta) when I heard that Mists of Pandaria would allow pet battles. I mean really? Play Pokemon battles in a MMORPG where players kill each other because they're not your faction. It was one feature I would never see myself play when I'd grab Mists of Pandaria...

Okay... Now is today, half a year after that beta and I've grabbed MoP for 18 at our local game store and have activated the 10-day MoP trial as well (hey, I'm Dutch and if I can play 10 days for free I'll do it ) Looking at my pets I was immediately routed to a pet trainer to learn how to battle with them.

And there I went to learn how to get my pets into action. Learn how to level them and see them grow (though they stay the same size ). And you know what? I kinda like the Pokemon addition that MoP brought

Along the way I also learned how to capture new pets. Some pets are better than others and some, well, are deleted right away. Fun thing is that I can have 3 pets of each kind (not sure if that's because I have 3 chars on the server?) - unless they're unique - and I see no use for the other 2 than the one I'm using.

But one thing is sure... It is addictive! There are lots of different pets to be obtained. And pets you battle with bring their friends as well, so that battles can be really challenging. Also worth to note that some pets (or even skills of pets) are better against certain pets than others, so picking your pets (you can have 3 ready at maximum) is crucial in how your battles go.

No, I was wrong... The Pokemon addition to MoP is a good one. Fuck the new content (for now ), I'll be leveling my pets to make a kick-ass team

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