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Monk - tank/DPS or healer?
11 February 2013
Posted in World of Warcraft
I've made myself a (new) alt in World of Warcraft. This time it's a pandaren monk (yeah, I've fallen for the new furballs ). The furball is about to hit level 10 and with my talents I can pick a 'road' for the skills I'd get in the future. I can choose between tank, DPS or healer.

My heart tells me to go healer, but sadly, there's little information on the web so far about the 3 skilltrees. So it's kinda impossible for me to check what kind of skills I'll be getting as healer and thus if the healer is any good. I mean, I want to know how the monk compares in healing to the druid (which is probably the closest in healing power).

Then there are the tank & DPS trees, which seem pretty straight forward. Tank will most likely be something like the warden class in Lord of the Rings online, where you're a 'paper armor' tank wearing light instead of plate, and your agility (dodge rating) will have to compensate the lack of pure armor.
Melee is kinda the same as the warden in LotRo. You do good damage, but you gotta keep an eye on your agility to compensate for the lack of armor rating...

Reason why I'm in doubt is that I can get those account bound 'legacy' armors that 'grow' with you as you level. Right now I have close to 3.000 justice points on my main char, making me able to buy one piece of body armor already, and through the guild I can buy a cloak. Problem here is that these items are not cheap (for me since it's still my 1st main char I'm leveling) and I have to pick either pieces based on intelligence (healer) or agility (tank/DPS). Logic dictates that I should grab the agility pieces since I also have a (dormant) hunter on the server that I still have to level and I can drop the armor to him later on...

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