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Gold - it feels almost worthless now...
12 February 2013
Posted in World of Warcraft
Damn, I remember how much effort it took me to get 4K gold so that I could get advanced flying and the license to fly anywhere in Azaroth. When I left last October I had around 325 gold left. Now with Mists of Pandaria, gold comes very easy. I even dare to say way too easy! How come? Well, let me explain...

Like I said, I started with around 325 gold last week and I didn't really take any effort to get money. Within two days I had bought all inscription skills I needed and before I knew it, I was up to ~1700 gold already. Bought more stuff, including that account bound intelligence stuff for my pandaren monk alt (yup, I'll make her a healer ) and I ended with 90 gold yesterday evening... Yes, I felt poor at that moment, but didn't really care about it a lot...

Today I've played a couple of hours again and done 3 dungeons as well (last one was kick ass hard I'll post the movie tomorrow) and when I logged off just a couple of minutes ago I already had 835 gold again.

Really..? Within a day 750 gold gained..? What does that do with the economy when a publisher makes it *THIS* easy to get in-game money..? I really fear to hit level 90 by now for the need of gear at that level...

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