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Gave up on TERA
19 February 2013
I really wanted to give TERA a new try now that it's Free2Play and that my account is a 'founder account'. But it looks like TERA doesn't want me to play it anymore. So what's happening..?

I downloaded and installed TERA 3 days ago. The client (25Gb) downloads rather slow and it took me about 6 hours before it was installed and updated. I know, it's along time and only Final Fantasy XI can beat that at any update

Ready to play, I press that PLAY button and I crash from the game back to the launcher and I get a generic ffff:ffff error. I've tried to find additional information on it, but this error is so generic that there is no information about it nor a solution to it. The only opted solution is check (repair) the game client and let it update, and so I did.
Well... Tried to do...

Next error I get from the launcher is "Unable to contact reliable source". WTF is going on this time? TERA could be downloaded, updated to the forelast patch and trying to install the latest patch I get this weird one? The only thing I could think of was that the launcher could not connect to it. Looking on the TERA forums I found a topic on this issue which started 5 weeks ago...

One of the solutions other players gave was to try the 'Happy Cloud' launcher. Well, I did that already and that one gave me the same issues
An other solution was more drastic, where you should download some files an other player had dropped on a sharing site and install those (over the original ones - I know, sounds very fishy...). A lot of players said it worked, but not on my side and to make things worse, I had to reinstall TERA all over again, this time taking 12 hours to download

  - An other 12 hours to download and most likely get stuck on the same issue again.
  - A 5 week old topic where no dev has yet replied in
  - No support available through the website

It's clear to me... TERA was not meant for me to play... Sadly, I have to miss out on this one because devs are not supporting their game correctly. This might be one of the prices to pay when a game goes from subscription to Free2Play..?

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