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TERA is finally running!
25 February 2013
Yesterday I figured to give TERA a final chance to install and downloaded the installer again. Within minutes, the launcher was up & running (as it was before) and started patching itself. Next thing I saw was a new patcher This was proving very promising and I waited for the launcher to download TERA itself (27Gb...)

What I thought would take only 2 hours or so took a bit longer and when I went to bed yesterday evening (5 hours later!!) the launcher had only downloaded 75% of the game This morning I fired the launcher up again and it took an other 2 hours for TERA to be completely downloaded.

But then it happened again... The Launcher gave that weird "Reliable source serving corrupt data" again I was really pissed and disappointed by this. I hoped that the new launcher would have solved this problem, but nooo...

So back to EME and make it a support ticket this time (with 2 Lineage II friends wanting me to join them in TERA it's the least I can do), but that'd take at least 24 hours according to the website.

Next I turned to the forums and found a totally unrelated topic (I really have no clue why that one popped up), mentioning that the local (temporarily) storage had to be deleted for the launcher to startup normally. Since I was desperate I figured to follow those directions and removed that local storage (directory is in C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Local\TERA for Windows 7) and started the launher again. First thing it told me it was downloading some stuff, then it was verifying the local files (as usual) and guess what? It managed to download that last 1% of the game and I had the PLAY lightning up *YAY*

Now I have to decided what server to play on. Those 2 friends of mine are on the PvE and PvP servers and I'm still in doubt to which one I should go. Partly I want to team up with Zylo who I've known for so very long, but he's on the PvE server *cough*carebear*cough* On the other hand I'd love to play with my old clanmate (and his GF) who'd I have played with for about half a year max, but he's on the PvP server and that's what TERA is made for...

For the time being I have rerolled on the PvP server, to get to know the Elin Mystic again and get to know the game itself again as well. By the time she hits 15 (again...) I think I'm good to go on either server. If I'd stay on the PvP server, then I'll play her on from that, but if I move to the PvE server, I can play my (currently level 26) Elin Mystic there...

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