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Continue on EU servers or restart on US servers?
08 August 2013
Waiting for ArcheAge, I'm picking up some old MMORPGs again to kill some time and Aion is one of them. It's one I've been playing during the closed betas, at release for 2 months and a couple of months since then (including when it became Free2Play). And speakiing of Free2Play, there lies my problem...

When Aion became Free2Play, all European players had to transfer to the (then new) GameForge service. GameForge took over all the account date that NCWest used to hold as well as all EU servers. Actually, the transition was mandatory, so either transfer or loose the account later on, but surely not being able to play the account on the NCWest servers ever again

With my account transferred to GameForge, including the Collector's Edition I had as compensation for my Tabula Rasa account, the Assult on Balaurea expansion (including an inventory pet), 2 pets I bought at from the cash shop and a but load of goodies, including 5 months of veteran goodies. Not to mention, my account is flagged as veteran account, making it close to a life-time subscription.
And on the NCWest servers..? Nothing left there at all, only 585 NCoin from my Lineage II time...

Now that I'm willing to pick Aion up again, I'm in doubt weather to play with GameForge or with NCWest, where both publishers have good and bad points.

First off, GameForge, also known as Frogster... Well, I rest my case there... We European players know their reputation and truth to be told, their actual service in general is even worse than their reputation Only for that reason I'd hop to the NCWest servers immediately.

But the NCWest servers are not that good either... The reason I quited playing Lineage II on NCWest was not because I got bored of the treadmill feeling but because of the bots and RMT that the GMs didn nothing about. Well, in Aion the RMT yellers are quite active. In the 30 minutes that I've played there till now I have already blocked half a dozen of those RMT yellers
 photo aion2013080815191462_zps7a44acd0.jpeg
With the RMT yellers being THAT active, it'll mean that bots are extremely active as well. And then we're back to the Lineage II situation where I have to fight to claim my spot to level, but this time I can't kill every player I want to (one of the bad things of fixed-faction games).
That while on GameForge the RMT yellers are not active, aside from in the main capitals only. Also, GameForge allows you to report these RMT yellers through a website and they're taken care of almost immediately. Well, they used to be taken care off immediately, I'm not sure how things are now...

A good thing that NCWest brings over GameForge is the updates... GameForge is extremely slow applying new updates. I remember that Aion 3.0 was out in the US for already a couple of months while GameForge still had 2.5 running. And that same thing is happening with the new Aion 4.0 right now again. NCWest has it runing already for 6 weeks, while GameForge is only promoting it to release it somewhere this month. And then I don't wanna know when they'll implement Aion 4.5, which NCWest is already speaking off...

Luckily I can play Aion completely free on the NCWest servers without playing a single dime. This means I can make an account, play there and see how things go there. It's mostly the botting thing I'm concerned about, I can come and go when I wish. And if the botting is indeed that bad on the NCWest servers, then nothing was lost. Not even gametime, since I want to play the new Muse class (bard, a bugger/healer/mage class, kinda the nuking chanter ) anyway...

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