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Progressing through the 1st book
07 December 2013
It's been a while since I wrote about Lord of the Rings online, but when playing only a couple of hours a day (sometimes not even an hour a day ), there's not much to tell...

Lets start by saying that whoever took hold of my account has really made it a mess. The 12K Turbine Points I used to have when I laid LotRo to rest over a year ago for a while has been ravaged big-time. If the account wasn't hacked, I would have had about 18K TP by now (I get 500TP a month because of the line-time account), but when I got my account back, there was only about 6K TP left I'm not gonna bother Turbine about that though since the amount of TP left was enough to buy the Helm's Deep expansion, and I'm not a real spender on TP anyway

I also noted that a lot of my resources were gone. That's all but lots of ores. The new character that the account thief made (a human archer - the lamer's choice by default ) was a jeweler, and had the crafting skill maxed out. I dare to bet maxed out also with the use of my TP

But lets leave that human archer and the account thief in general for what they are and return to my own character...

I left off a year ago still busy on the newly added chapters of the original first story. Well, busy... I just got started on Book 9 The last two weeks I've been busy following that story and on the search for Sara Oakenheart and later on her ring. It seems that Sara Oakenheart is not a nice hobbit as I thought she was when I met her at the end of Book 8. Instead she's one of the original nine-ring bearers and she is using the image of poor old Sara Oakenheart to disguise herself.

The new books have brought my travels up to now (I've just started with book 13, of 15 total) from Angmar to Evendim. Then from Evendim to the Trollshaws, and back again to Evendim. Now with the start of book 13 I've left Evendim and went north to Forochel, where I have to win the trust of the people there before they can (rather will) help me on the search of Sara Oakenhart's broken ring...

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