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My first dungeon
10 April 2014
Posted in Elder Scrolls
Two days ago, I've made my first dungeon run: Spindleclutch. This dungeon is one where you have to search for a group of soldiers in a dungeon (duhuh ^^) filled with spiders. But there was only one problem when doing this dungeon - it was during the day and we had no healer with us but we though to give it a try anyway...

The start of the dungeon was pretty straight forward as with most MMORPGs. You get lots of monsters (pretty weak ones I must say) and a couple of semi-bosses to make it a bit harder for the players already. So far nothing's wrong, though we all died a few times already due to the lack of a healer in the party...

When we finally came to the end boss (a horrific huge spider) things went from bad to worst though. We had 2 full wipes there and one of the party members (it was a PUG BTW) said that the day before he did this dungeon and the party gave up after a dozen wipes. Now that was very encouraging

After the 3rd wipe, a 4th wipe was already imminent, but I found out that jumping when the boss started to do it's horrific AoE skill helped a lot to keep me alive. None the less, two members died anyway, and me an the tank were left, with me having the aggro of the boss (gotta love DPS classes ).

At that point I decided to make a run out of the boss room, but sadly the boss followed me everywhere in the dungeon. I hoped to loose the boss to ress the other 2 members, but that didn't work. The tank was a good one and started to use aggo skills on the boss, and after a couple of minutes he finally managed to take over the aggro (imagine how much aggro I had ). With the boss off my ass I went back to the main room and ressed the other 2 members (no respawn during party battle) and by then the tank saw what my plan was and complimented me on it.

With us 4 back on our feet again we didn't have a hard time to kill that boss anymore since it was already halfway. The party was grateful of the ress and we had lousy drops from is (which is very common). Good thing we all had a shot on a chest in the dungeon (I had a blue ring) and a very nice quest reward (blue medium armor pants).

This dungeon also showed me the importance of what to pick as 2nd weapon set. I decided today to make it the healing staff. Though it might sound odd for a Nightblade to use a healing staff, it's not. A lot of skills I have use some soft of healing, including group healing. I decided to slot all those healing related DPS skills when I use the healing staff, and I hope that the next time we're in a dungeon I can take toe role of healer...

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