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Thought I'd enjoy myself this time...
23 June 2014
Posted in World of Warcraft
I've already mentioned it a couple of times lately: I've returned to World of Warcraft. To give my game experience a new boost I figured to start all over on a new server and hop sides to the Alliance. The idea itself seems good, but in reality it doesn't really change things. Even more when I picked up WildStar that has so much more to offer...

First things first though. I started playing WoW again before I even considered to grab WildStar. The reroll went well, and the first couple of levels up to 20 I enjoyed the game quite a lot. Though I have made an Alliance char long ago, and some of the quests are still the same, the experience itself was overall good.

The bad experience came when I was somewhere halfway the 20s. At that point most of the quests all became dull and 'more of the same. Yes I'm talking about the 'Kill 10 rats' experience. Though more games have it (including WildStar), it's also about the stuff to do around the questing. Though WoW offers a couple of things (archeology, cooking, fishing and pokemon battles), the diversity is not enough for me to keep me entertained.

Then there's the social aspect of WoW, or rather the lack of it. I've been slacking to my current level (32) quite a lot and in that time I have seen other players run around, but nothing of a 'hi' or 'hello', let alone a party. And mentioning parties, that's also one of those things in WoW which has become obsolete. In the regular world there's no use for them The only times you need to party is when you enter a dungeon (though the dungeon finder HUB I might add), and most of the times those you 'meet' in the party don't say a single word (again not even a 'hi' or 'hello'). And helping around with the quest you pick up for the dungeon is also something that's not gonna happen

In short, I really wasted that 20 on the 60-day time card I bought. With about 6 weeks to go, I totally don't feel the need to logon again and play this game. Once again I'm promising myself that this will be the last time I've bought time, but knowing myself I'll be curious again next year and might give it a try once again...

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