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Patch 1.2 coming
02 July 2014
Posted in ArcheAge
Finally, the long awaited version 1.2 is coming to ArcheAge. A version that holds a massive list of patch notes and is said to have destroyed the game as I've been playing it for now in Korea.

One of the most dramatic changes is the somewhat forced into PvP zones for the carebears (not being me ) if they want things accomplished. This is show by the removal of the gilda star traders in most zones except the harbour ones and the only way to get a gilda star reward by doing trade overseas (that or get stabilizers needed for crafting). An othe rbig change is that the Auroria Mineral Water can only be obtained from Auroria now. You used to be able to get the barrels for special tickets from the continent's main harbour, but those will be removed now.

An other dramatic change comes to healing & healing-hybrid classes. Where in the past mages and melee warrios picked up healing as a '2nd option', in this new patch, healing will get it's own stat used (Spirit) and it's own 'damage type'. Much like mages have magical damage, melee warriors physical damage and archers ranged damage. This change is made to balance out the over-powered hybrid players and force players into a full healing spec (or something close to that).

The update to this new patch will take around 12 hours. 12 hours of nothing to do (hmm, play WildStar a bit more perhaps?), but 12 hours in where the game itself DOES continue. TRION has already warned us to pay our taxes to make sure you're not evicted from your plot.

And with the game running through while patching, our guild (and I think a lot of others as well) came up with the idea to plant HUGE AMOUNTS of trees as 'illegal farm', using the downtime to protect the trees from others to steal. Of course, this planting is not done without a reason... We all hope for thunder to strike our trees while the servers are down, so that we can have a nice bonus while the game is being patched

 photo ARCHEAGE2014-07-0216-02-46-98_zpsc428bef4.jpg

I have planted 95 trees myself, hoping for thunder to strike as well. Knowing my luck though with games, it'll probably not strike at all on one of my trees. But if it doesn't, I at least have about 650-800 logs from them, which I can sell nicely later on after I have processed them into lumber. Of course, I have picked a spot that's semi-save. Of course, it's in the open world, but a place where few people pass, though one did happen to pass while I was busy planting them..

So, tomorrow morning around 5 (CEST), the servers should be up and running again, and I'll see if my luck has been granted, or that I'll be out of labor points again after having cut down 95 trees

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