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Trade in 1.2
06 July 2014
Posted in ArcheAge
We're a couple of days down the road with the new patch, and I have been able to test it with some trading. Let me start with the comment that trading has been extremely simplefied (as with most of the crafting). You still need the 50 silver certificate from the general merchant. Then you need a couple of cut down resources (15 to 50), for which you need a very cheap knife (consumable). Lastly you need the actual material for the pack. Yes, you hear it right. No more fuzzing around with different materials, rare materials which you always have too few of and such things!

Then the trade run itself. It can be divided in two parts: on your own continent or to the other continent (or Freedich Isle).
Your own continent is pretty straight forward. You get around 4.05 gold or 6.5 gold if you move the pack 1 or 2 zones away. I still need to try to get a pack from the contested zones on my continent and see what I'll get for those when I bring them to the regular spots (City of Towers and Austera).
Trade to the other continent (and Freedich Isle) only gives crafting resources or gilda stars. But sadly it seems a bit bugged at the moment I have taken tradepacks from Sanddeep (a coastal region), and from Marianople (deep in the other continent) to Solis (I'll explain later why I go there and bring it to my own continent), and in both cases I only had 1 gilda star or 13 or 14 crafting resources. IMO a pack from Marianople should give more because it's coming from deeper in the continent. On the other side, the while trade on the own continent is save (though not for me walking around there...). I have yet to bring packs to Luteson Harbor (Villanelle) and Cearnond (Ynystere) to see what I get there, but I think it will be the same...

Now why I go to the other continent and bring a tradepack to my own continent for gilda stars and resources... Well, the reason is actually simple, and also the same reason a lot of players hate the 1.2 patch. If I bring a pack to the other continent, you're bound to the PvP rules of the other continent. This means that I can not initiate PvP with the enemy faction. With a lot of enemy players actually waiting on the docks for us to come, it's an easy picking for them and we're pretty sure to loose our tradepacks Making a tradepack on the other continent and bringing it to my own continent does give me the certainty that the campers on the dock can not attack me, simply because they're my own faction and they can not PvP with me for the simple reason it's a save area for my own faction

Last but not least a word on the gilda stars and crafting resources... Both are equally important, though the crafting resources more than the gilda stars. With the current low gain of gilda stars, doing the daily quests gives actually more gilda stars than the traderuns do, and it's 100% save. If you have 30K Husbandry, you can get up to 8 gilda stars per day from the daily quests I also need to add, that gilda powder (yeah, we have to crush our hard earned gilda stars!) is used as a crafting ingredient for all sealed items (crafting for level 40 and up). Add to that the fact that almost everything you can buy from gilda stars on the Mirage Isle is more expensive than before the patch, and you see a problem arise with the number of gilda stars you need...
Crafting resources are (as far as I could check) only used for Alchemy. You need them to make polish, which is used in almost every craft you do. To make things worse, you need 3 of the T1 resources, which means I can only make 4 polish from one tradepack. I haven't yet looked at amount of the T2 and T3 resources in Alchemy, but I guess it'll be the same, as well as the number gained from a tradepack...

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