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TRION fucked up the alpha badly
13 July 2014
Posted in ArcheAge
We're almost 2 weeks playing the 1.2 patch for ArcheAge, and that's also the time that the 2nd alpha server (called Omega) was added. With the lack of open farmland spaces before the implementation of the 1.2 patch, and the huge amount of players who started all over on the Omega server, you would guess that more farmland on the original alpha server would become available.

Sadly though, that's not the case. TRION has made an error with the implementation of the payment for farmland with the new certificates (200 labor per 5). To counter this problem, TRION is paying the taxes for the players automatically. In all you'd say it's not a bad thing, because we're saving lots of labor points that can be used for actual work. But is it..?

As I started with, we're almost 2 weeks down the road with the new patch. When a player ism behind on the tax payment of his land, he has an other week to pay the tax or his property will be cleared by the game and become available to other players to claim.

With the huge amount of players no longer playing on the original alpha server, there are a lot of unused farmplots scattered around the continents. Farmplots that should have been cleared by the system automatically already and become available for other player to claim. Farmplots that are in tactical areas - islands that have the biggest chance to produce thunderstruck trees and Auroria where you can easily grow archeum trees for archeum dust. It is these kind of plots that are now mostly unused and have to be reused again ASAP. As a direct result, the prices of both archeum crystals and thunderstruck trees have gone sky high. Not only because of the huge amount of unused plots that could produce them, but also because the Omega server is sucking most of them in (yea, auction houses are shared between servers!).

So far there has been no word from TRION about fixing the tax payment problem, other than the announcement that comes in-game a couple of times that they're paying the tax for all the farmplots. This makes me wonder if I should even continue to play this alpha actively, or that I just should give up on it, keep my farm up and running and wait (im)patiently for the release of the game...

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