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Alchemy levels way too slow
21 July 2014
Posted in ArcheAge
Of all the crafting proficiencies, Alchemy is probably the most important one out there. Reason for Alchemy to be this important is because of the polishes and oils that are used in almost every other crafting proficiency out there. As I've mentioned earlier, you can't make these polishes and oils without inter-continental trade either.

The last week I've taken a closer look at the Alchemy proficiency because I want to make these polishes and oils myself, and boy, did I bump into a HUGE disappointment. One for now and at release...

During the previous version I haven't spent overly much time into Alchemy and I made the few polishes and oils I needed myself. Because of that the Alchemy proficiency was only around 2.000. Now that the 1.2 patch is implemented, I need 5.000 Alchemy proficiency to make the tier 2 polishes for the gear I want. I know, only 3.000 points of crafting, but that's definitely the problem!

The problem arises from the extremely low leveling of the Alchemy proficiency, and most certainly compared to other crafting proficiencies that go up way faster. Even those proficiencies that are needed to 'fuel' the Alchemy proficiency, like Farming and Gathering.

When you make 1 craft for the first noobie potions, you only get 3XP for Alchemy. Though not a real problem, the XP for the other proficiencies will give you about 20-40XP. With that, for the 3XP (use of 3 labor) for Alchemy you get 10 potions! Okay, 10 potions with a very low healing/mana recovery power, but still you get too many potions for too little XP. Actually, the amount of potions is so overwhelming that at one point you will almost drown in them (right now I have 700 potions that I'm not using ).

I know you can argue that I should use polishes, oils and other stuff to level the Alchemy proficiency, and I agree with that. Problem is only that the amount of resources needed to level (I need 3 of them per polish/oil) is immensely huge. I surely would need over 200 resources for only 1.000XP in Alchemy and I would end up with around 66 polishes/oils And yeah, I have no freaking clue what to do with those now almost every player has maximum level in the game and doesn't really need to make any low-level gear.

Yeah, I think it's clear that the implementation of the 1.2 patch kinda broke Alchemy for me. I will try to level it up, but I doubt it'll be of any use though. I do know for sure though that at release I will call dibs on the Alchemy proficiency and try to level it up ASAP...

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