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Game Over..?
29 July 2014
Posted in ArcheAge
Don't get me wrong - ArcheAge is an awesome MMORPG if you like a sandbox political fantasy MMORPG - but this alpha is taking way too long already. I'm really coming to a point where I feel like I'm overplaying the game and getting pretty bored because of it. Add to that the problems with the crafting after the 1.2 patch was installed and all things to become bored are there

But there's also a lot of stuff to do still. There are a lot of goals I've set myself that I still need to reach, and there are also a lot of goals that I already have achieved. But it's the goals that I still want to achieve that push me toward the current 'Game Over' feeling. I don't want to hit all goals during alpha. I want to save a couple (a lot actually) of things to do at release.

On the other hand, now is the time to start a low-level character and see how the 1.2 patch will b when you play it from scratch (like at release). It also allows me to see if certain classes I might want to play mix up just fine or fully screw the build over. And while I have an idea on what build to play at release, I will not make that character right now. I still do want to keep that build a surprise to me on how it responds in general.

That would imply that I now will no longer be playing overly active and play only to test a couple of small things in the game and the effect those are. Things like buy additional proficiency slots for the crafting & gathering system. Because after all, it's still alpha and I am still allowed to screw y character(s) up ;-

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