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Farm Hauler
30 July 2014
Posted in ArcheAge
I know that yesterday I said I might quit playing, but today I learned that TRION had added the farm hauler design to the cash shop to test. And having a farm wagon, I thought to give it a try and comment on it.

First things first though. It's a good thing that this farm hauler design only needs the farm wagon and no extra materials. It would be kinda insane if the farm hauler would need an other set of rare / hard to get items, while it comes from the cash shop. And speaking about cash shop... The price for the farm hauler design is pretty steep: over 2300 credits. With 100 credits being $1, you can see that you pay around $23.50 for the upgrade of the farm wagon So it's a good thing that the alpha package I bought comes with over 11K of cash shop credits

 photo ARCHEAGE2014-07-3014-48-43-70_zps06ef10cc.jpg

Now about the farm hauler itself... As you can see on the picture above, it has 6 crates instead of the 4 that the farm wagon has. It's a pretty good upgrade because of it, though you must keep in mind that using the farm hauler yourself might end up depleting your labor points. After all creating a trade pack costs 60LP (less on higher commerce proficiency tiers) and turning in one costs 60LP as well (always - a high commerce proficiency does not lower this!). This means that a full farm hauler and 1 pack on your back eats up a maximum of 420LP to make and 420LP to turn in.
Of course, you don't need to use the farm hauler just for your own profit. You can always rent the farm hauler (as well as the wagon) so that other players can get their packs from point A to point B. For the farm wagon the regular 'price' was 1 pack per ride, and so far I haven't heard the price for renting a farm hauler, but I figure that'd be the same

Then the speed of the farm hauler. The farm wagon went at a 4m/s speed, and using one eco-friendly fuel, it would speed up to 6m/s for 8 minutes. The farm hauler is faster like it is bigger and goes at a default of 5m/s and using one eco-friendly fuel it'll speed up to 7.5m/s. This speed is pretty fast, and certainly would beat any donkey on carrots

As said, the only drawback of the farm hauler is the (real money) price that has to be paid for it. I think $23.50 is quite a steep price for a couple of pixels. A price that comes on top of the (now) 1.000 gold needed to build the farm wagon itself...

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