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Haad-start started
13 September 2014
Posted in ArcheAge
I received an eMail late last night that the ArcheAge head-start had started. But by now I've lost all interest in the game already. A game that has great possibilities for the fantasy sandbox lover, but recent changes to the game made it less appealing for me. Not to mention that I'm playing EVE online right now, the king of the sandbox MMOs, and compared to EVE online no other sandbox MMO gives the features it has...

So what to do with the account I have for ArcheAge (along with Defiance and RIFT linked to it)? Right now I'm not sure. I have spent 135 for the game (and about 75 on the other 2) and my 6-month 'subscription' time will start running after the head-start is over. I'm not sure if I should keep the account and just let the time expire or if I should pass it on to someone who's interested in actually playing the game (for a small fee of course )...

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