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Picked it up and put it down again
24 December 2014
It's been a while since I last tried Aion. The game still has some magic that keeps pulling be back to it, but yet it lacks a lot for me This time I returned to see how the latest updates were. 2 new classes, lots of new areas and housing. Though the last one (housing) I've already seen in the past, I thought to give one of the new classes a try...

The class I tried was the Bard (played up to level 12). It's a healing class with quite some offensive powers. Of course, adding those offensive powers can only be done at the cost of the healing power. Much like the Chanter class, the number of healing skills is limited.
Where the Chanter is a short ranged melee class, the Bard is a ranged magic user class. This means that the bard uses robe (light in Aion) armor and is quite vulnerable for damage. This implies that it's more a (small) party class than a solo playing class.

And that's exactly where the problem lies. Western players are so different from Korean (Eastern in general) players. 'We' like to play solo. Though I'd love to play MMOs in a party (which is where they were intended for), finding one is a problem most of the times. After all, 'we' play solo and most other players just 'grind' their way through the content and pop potions like they're candy.

An other problem I have with Aion is the content. There's totally no change in low-level content. The areas as they were at release are still identical and the same goes for the quests. Basically, having played it once, playing it again becomes extremely boring for me.

I might give Aion an extra try on the gunner class, but with the above problem mentioned, I wonder if I should. Playing through the same content again to see if I like a class is just too boring for me. So yeah... Once again I'll remove Aion from my PC and once again I think I won't look t it ever again...

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