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Elder Scrolls online to go Buy2Play?
09 January 2015
Posted in Elder Scrolls
For the last couple of months, there's a been a lot of talk about Elder Scrolls online not living up to it's expectations and low subscription numbers. With that speculations about ESO going Free2Play or Buy2Play runs everywhere in the MMO community as well. Though Free2Play sounds very unlikely for an IP like Elder Scrolls, Buy2Play seems plausible. But I never reported about it, because it was just sheer speculation. That was until now...

Somewhere half December on the forums a couple of posts were made where ESO players mentioned that the 6-month subscription option was removed, leaving only the 1 and 3 month subscription model available for players. Zenimax responded to the players on their forums that 'due to the lack of interest in the 6 month subscription option they removed it'. Well, I never heard such nonsense before, and on the forums the F2P/B2P speculations fired up (again).

Yesterday Australian EB Games stores were reported to remove ALL Elder Scrolls online related products from stock per January 14th. Later it was said to be a return for excess x-mas stock, but why return it all, while other games only require a partial return?

Today the big news that Elder Scolls online will be released for the XBOX ONE on February 24th. And now it's time for me to hop into the discussion on ESO becoming Buy2Play. Why? In this XBOX ONE announce I miss 2 very important things:
  1. Includes 30 days of free gameplay
  2. Monthly subscription required to play
These 2 things are a *MUST* to be added to any subscription based game. Why leave it out for this XBOX ONE release?

I figured that if the XBOX ONE announcement didn't have it, then what about the PS4 announcement? Sadly, I can't comment on it yet. Okay, it's missing those 2 important things as well, but there's not yet a date and price set. Though I'm pretty sure that with the announcement of Final Fantasy XIV: A Real Reborn the subscription notice was there already..

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