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Returned (again)
12 February 2015
Posted in Guild Wars
I really seem to have a love-hate relation with Guild Wars (1 guys!). I've lost count of how many times I've installed it, played it a couple of days and removed it again. This was mainly because I had no clue about the how and what of my anymore.

This time I've decided to change that and made a new character. Having all expansions for Guild Wars, the region to start in was hard, but I decided to start in the original core of the game. This leaves me a small choice of classes to pick from (only 6 where both expansions add 2 extra classes), which also means a small choice of dual classes.
This time I picked the Ranger class because I always love to have pets/servitors around me. For the choice of the dual class was in doubt between Mesmer and Necromancer. I thought Mesmer would be good for the debuffs, but the Necromancer won because it can give me even more pets/servitors After having made the choice and played a bit, I found out that Ranger/Mesmer wasn't an obvious choice anymore because of nerves that have hit the Mesmer class over time...

But why Guild Wars and not Guild Wars 2? Well, I have them both installed (again), but I figured I could better start with Guild Wars so that I could work on the Hall of Monuments, which will give me nice goodies in Guild Wars 2. And I'd better do that quickly, because I've seen NCSoft's latest financial data (year 2014) and that doesn't look good. I fear that one or more MMORPGs will be removed soonish, and Guild Wars being pretty old already and having it's predecessor as well might be a possible candidate...

But as always, I'm on a quick start, and I can't tell you how long I'll keep playing it. Not to mention, in the starter area where I am I've only seen one other player so far, and I fear that further down the road the game will be quite empty as well. Then again, Guild Wars is not a real MMORPG but more a HUB game, where partying is completely optional (YAY for NPC parties).

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