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Played through the 'starter area'
16 February 2015
Posted in Guild Wars
Starter areas... Most MMORPGs have them, and in most MMORPGs you can get through them in an hour or less. It's mostly a small tutorial on how the basics of the game work. So far I've seen only 2 exceptions to the small tutorial starter areas. Age of Conan has the Tortage area that's pretty big and Guild Wars has an even bigger area then that

Yesterday I played through the last part of the starter area of the core game. This starter area is already a world by itself that's still unspoiled. It builds up the tension around Ascalon City and the Charr. The city is still standing and whole, while after you've left the starter area the wall that protects the city to the Charr in the north has fallen and the city destroyed...

Aside from the little spoiler I just wrote about the destiny of Ascalon City (guess you already knew that with a game that's already 10 years old already ), the content in the starter area is pretty good and long. When you play this, you can for instance do the quest for the Hall of Monuments that involves Gwenn (you can't complete it after you have left the starter area). You can also use this time to gather money, gear and stuff so you can buy bags in the Ascalon City ruins (sadly you can't buy them in the starter area, how badly you need them).

This time I took the time to play through all the quests available and I did them all but one. The one quest I missed is one that required me to party to get the ressurrection skill, which is pretty hard to do if you're the only one playing there (yes, this is a sad thing about a decade old game where the starter areas are completely empty ), but I can still buy it for 50 gold and 1 skill point. When I exited the starter area, I was already level 7 and had some where around 700 gold already (a lot more than I had with my 2 previous characters).

Now that I'm in the 'actual world' (quotes on purpose because it's a HUB game instead of an open world MMORPG) of Guild Wars, I continued to develop my character and it's stills. As I said earlier, I play as Ranger/necromancer and I figured to get a buttload of minions to support me. Well, I changed that view in the 'actual world'. New skills I have acquired allow me to debuff the targets so that they damage their surrounding companions if they receive physical damage. For this I changed to bow again and use skills to speed up my rate of fire. This way I do a huge number of physical damage hits and thus kill off groups pretty fast.

Also now being in the 'actual world' I decided to play through all content I could find in the core game. Though I know that at one time I'll be too high a level for the quests I'm on, I figured that doing all the quests I could get my hands on only can benefit me in filling the Hall of Memories in the Eye of the North...

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