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Wishlist growing - too little time to play
24 February 2015
Posted in PlayStation
I think buying that 2nd hand PlayStation 3 last month was about the best thing I could have done for my gaming experience. It really fills my 'playing needs' for jRPGs and I've bought a couple of them as well already. With the start of my PlayStation 3 times, I also brought live back to my PSP, bought a PSVita and a 2nd hand PlayStation 2 as well (though the latter I can't play in my PC room and I'm using a PS2 emulator instead).

It's that jRPG 'addiction' that's playing up right now. I have almost the complete series of Final Fantasy boxed here, and am only missing Final Fantasy III and IX. Though I'm still busy on the 1st part of Final Fantasy XIII, I want to play through the whole series from the 1st one.

I've also found the 'Tales' series. I have already started with Tales of Xillia, but I also have Tales of Xillia 2 and Tales of Graces ? lying here to play. And that's only 3 of the series and I really do want the other parts for the PlayStation consoles as well. Sadly though, the first one (Tales of Phantasia) has never been released in Europe, but I'm glad to have a (pirated and translated) version for the PSP which I'm playing already. And I gotta say, this one feels a lot better than the first editions of the Final Fantasy series...

Then there are a couple of other series that have peeked my interest as well. One of them is the 'Atelier series'. Though I have not yet bought any of them (I did download the 3 Atelier Iris games of the PS2 though), I think they are very good after having watched some gameplay videos on YouTube.

Last but not least a couple of games I used to have on my old PlayStation 2 which I want to buy again as well. These are the Phantasy Star series and the Star Ocean series. Sadly the Phantasy Star series don't have any PS3 releases (yet?), but they have a couple of PSP and PS2 releases.
The Star Ocean series has only 4 releases (2 for the PSP, 1 for PS2 and one for PS3) and I really want to play that one as well. I have already downloaded the ones for PSP and PS2 and they look awesome for the short period of time I've played them so far.

Sadly though, even with me being at home not so much, I lack time and money. Time to play them all. Since last month I've played Final Fantasy XIII for around 25 hours already and am only at chapter 8 (how many chapters are there in the game anyway?). Tales of Xillia I have only played for a couple of hours but I really want to continue on that one (after having finished FF13 most likely). Ni-No Kune (which I started to play first) is a different story I do like the game, but I think both FF13 and Tales of XIllia are better at most points. I have put that one back on the shelf to pickup later on when I'm done with the Tales games that I already own.

I'm talking about pirated games here. Where possible I will buy them on their original media when I really start to play them (meaning I like them and keep playing them). Sadly (as sad before) Tales of Phantasia is not available for Europe at all (not even in the PSN Store ) and I will see if I can grab an US PS1 copy to compensate for the breach of copyright. Same goes for other games which I might find and like but have never been released for Europe.

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