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FF13 no longer about skills or fun
27 February 2015
Posted in PlayStation
I've has quite a fun ride with Final Fantasy XIII. That was until chapter 9 and I encountered the fal'Cie Barthandelus. He totally dropped out the fun of the game. The problem with this boss is something I already found with other (smaller) bosses earlier in the game - one-hit kills.

Got Barthandelus things get a bit worse than the other bosses though. I'm fighting this dude for about 10 minutes (okay, perhaps I should use buff potions when I encounter him ) and have his 4 faces down. Then he's on to get a lot of damage, but the problem is that I can't do him enough damage in a short time - he does more damage to me than I can heal without synergist (tank).

Okay, I survive and then he gets to his dooms-day skill (I still have over 75% to go ) and here things go wrong. Each and every time - NO MATTER WHAT I DO DURING THIS SKILL - I'm instantly killed I have tried this boss by now for a dozen times with different parties, but it all ends up in the same result - instant kill.

This makes me wonder what happened to the old bosses from earlier Final Fantasy games. Those took quite a time to take down, but at least you had a chance and there was no thing as an instant kill skill they have. Those were the fun Final Fantasy games, but this one (FF13) is just no fun with instant-kill skills.

By now I have googled how to get past this one and I think I might have an idea on how to do it. But when I look a bit further, there's more of these kind of bosses peeking around the corner that give a hard time and can instantly kill you. I am even wondering if I should continue to play this game or just move on to the next one (and I don't mean Final Fantasy XIII-2...)

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