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Think I'll grab Watch Dogs
08 March 2015
Posted in PlayStation

I always thought Watch Dogs was a game like the GTA series is. An open world game with lots of fighting and a forced gameplay (which is not really my thing). I much rather play in an open-world and just do my thing, but well, Watch Dogs being pretty recently released and way too expensive for my taste, I never really took a good look at what the game is like...

That was until this week. Right now, the Digital Deluxe edition is on sale in the PlayStation Store with a massive 75% discount. 20 (for the PS3 version) is something I might pay for a ;game that might appeal to me. But still not knowing what the game is like, I decided to first look at some gameplay videos on YouTube...

When watching the above the one thing that really struck my eyes (or rather ears) was the developers comment on 2:35: "One thing that was really important to us when we designed Watch Dogs was to fully support different player styles. Every situation in the game can be tackle the way the player seems fit.". The moment I heard this I was like "OMG I gota have this game!". I mean, an open-world game allowing me to play the game I want? Though it's not a real RPG game, it surely gives me that feeling

There is only one problem witgh purchasing this game. As I've already mentioned before, I have way too many games I still have to play for the PS3, and adding a game like this would only add to this problem...

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