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To stream or not to stream
02 April 2015
Posted in General

I've streamed early February with the PlayStation 3 only to return the Roxio device a week later because I didn't like the loss of quality it gave me and that it couldn't switch from 1080p to 720p when the PC was not running. Last week I resumed my streaming activities (though I didn't announce it) and I'm not sure if I should continue to stream.

Okay, it's fun to stream games to twitch (or any other service for that matter), but it also eats away quite a lot of bandwidth. In my case, of the 3Mbps upstream that I have here for 3 PCs, I have to set the streaming quality to 480p to keep a stable continuous broadcast. I can set it to 720p, but then I have to lower the quality, be sure to be the only one who's using the internet at home and not be playing anything online.

And there's exactly the problem I'm experiencing. Streaming in 480p is not really worth the effort IMO, or not play online games and then stream in 720p. But when I'm not streaming and just capture the gameplay with FRAPS and upload it later on I have the best quality (1080p) while we can still use the internet at home without any problems. Not to mention, when I use FRAPS I can edit the whole thing the way I want, including speed-up certain parts that are not overly interesting but should be kept there or just cut out whole part of the gamefeed. Options that twitch doesn't allow me...
On the other hand, streaming to twitch I can get feedback from players about the game and when I forgot (or missed) something it can be pointed out and I can respond to the feedback. Not to mention, the chat is nice as well with viewers of the stream

I can also upgrade the bandwidth of my VDSL here for only 4 a month, but that doesn't necessarily warrant a boost in upload speed. I know that the 30Mbps download we have now is close to the maximum possible on our address (~35Mpbs is the best possible maximum with VDSL for us) but the problem is that they never talk about the maximum upload speed. If that follows the same 'logic', upgrading the VDSL would mean that we'd only get a maximum of 3.5Mpbs upload and thus is not worth it. Not to mention that for now our contract is still on a fixed period for the current line and I'm not even sure if I can upgrade.

Last but not least, right now I'm a pretty vivid Heroes of the Storm player, which does deserve some 'love' on the streams. But I'm not sure how long I'd be playing it. Looking at my past experiences with playing online games it might as well be that in a month or 2-3 from now I've ditched the game completely and have moved on to the PlayStation 3 for the time spent on HotS...

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