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A new start
08 April 2015
Posted in Elder Scrolls

It's been a year since The Elder Scrolls online has launched and that I bought it. Back then I thought the game was okay, b ut not worth the monthly subscription asked for it. With me there were a lot more players thinking that and as a subscription based game ESO did kinda fail. It's a good thing that Zenimax saw that as well and that they changed the payment model to Buy2Play with cash shop, which matches the game a bit more.

Because I can now freely play ESO, I decided to give it an other go and see how it is now. Because I had no idea what I was doing a year ago I decided to start all over again. I also made a new character to see what has changed in the general gameplay.

First off, I noticed that there are only 4 classes. And looking back now to the character creation video I made a year ago, those same 4 classes were there as well back then. And of course, ESO only needs the 4 ache type classes because of the character creation model used. With the 3 skill discipline lines per class you have actually 12 different classes and the way played customize them you can make your character as unique as you want to...

Secondly, the starter quest as shown above. I'm not sure, but I had the feeling that Zenimax did some 'tweaking' there and that compared to a year ago it was a bit more dull than before. I also recalled that the Prophet was in an actual cage back then and now he's just locked in a bubble.

In all, I will be playing ESO a couple of days a week for 1-2 hours. When playing I will also stream the game to twitch and upload the feed to DailyMotion where I have created a playlist for the ESO gamefeed. As usual, on twitter a tweet will be posted when I'll start streaming (automated from twitch )

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