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I HATE that Wandering Alchemist!
25 July 2010
Posted in Allods online
Okay, I'm really starting to hate that Wandering Alchemist. Reason is more the quest than the fact that he hop around a lot, though the hopping around is very annoying as wel...

First off the quest... That one is bugged in the text. It tells you you need 14 portions of the elixer to make the shrinking potion. Well, that's not true. I heard from an other player that you need 5 portions of the elixer each, and there are 5 different elixer portions, so you need 25 portions in total...

To make things worse, the Wandering Alchemist gives you these elixer portions at comeplete randomness, and he doesn't care if you already have 5 of one kind By now I've recieved the following from him:
  • 1st elixer portion - 2x
  • 2nd elixer portion - 7x (!)
  • 3rd elixer portion - 3x
  • 4th elixer portion - 1x
  • 5th elixer portion - 3x
Right now I need to find that Wandering Alchemist at least 11 more times to get all the elixer portions I need to make the shriking potion. But knowing my luck, it'll take me at least an other 20 visits with him to get 5 of each elixer portion before I can make the potion... And so far, I've been hunting that Wandering Alchemist for about 4 hours... This means it'll take me most likely an other 5 hours to get the remaining elixer portions...

Then the map with the locations where the Wandering Alchemist can be found...

All locations have been verified by me, except for the one at Gravestein. I haven't seen him there yet, but I guess the location is accurate

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