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Giving up on the Wandering Alchemist
29 July 2010
Posted in Allods online
After hunting that Wandering Alchemist for over 8 hours in total, I've finally given up on it. Reason is that the amount of elixirs he gives and the time I'm putting into the hunt doesn't match the reward for the quest.

Oh yeah, that's right. Normally I wouldn't make it that big a fuzz, but in this case... Looking at the progress I made I would probably have to hunt that Wandering Alchemist for about 20 hours in total, and hoping he'd give me the right elixirs to make that shrinking potion. When I finally get a 1st elixir #4 after about 15 elixirs in total, it made me wonder... How long till I have them all...

Then the reward... In "early days", this quest would give you an awesome reward: a banking extension, allowing you to store more stuff in your bank than the regular 12 slots. But after the last patch, this quest has been altered, and you'll get a blue cape. Okay, the item is a good one, but not when you compare the effort put into it to get the item...

So now I've headed off to the Frozen Frontier, and found my new home. No, I'm not kidding! The Frozen Frontier is the new home for the gibberlings, and since I play one...

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