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What's the point of PvP in Runes of Magic?
03 August 2010
Posted in MMORPGs
After playing Runes of Magic again for a couple of days, I'm starting to wonder why PvP is implemented in the game. I must say that the mechanics behind the PvP are done very nicely. There are different states of good / bad in which you can be, and there's one (anti)hero of each side. So about the system there's no complaint at all.

But then the reason to PvP in Runes of Magic. To be very honest, I can't find any reason in the game itself, other than that the mechanics have been added. I even dare to say that without the whole PvP mechanics, the game would not lack anything at all. And it proofs true when I look at the server list for Europe. There are only 3(!!!) PvP servers, while there are almost 2 dozen PvE servers. I logged on to one of those PvE servers, and there PvP is close to non-existing...

Then about the players that "PvP" theirself. All I can say "OMFG what a noobs are they!" (well, most of them). What's the use for a level 50+ player to PK a level 15 that just happens to be around? None what so freaking ever! (just to quote Peanut ) Yeah, I've been PK'd a couple of times by a looser like that. So damn annoying. And for what? Because they can? To show power? It's just lame. I think these kids (yeah, most of those lame PKers are kids of around 12) just don't know how to PvP with a player of their own level...

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