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Making good use of 4.000 Myrrh
08 August 2010
Posted in Allods online
Here's a good idea to combine two events into great profit.

Right now, the Quest for Chests is running for Allods, allowing you to win item shop items. I did win over 20 Incenses by now, allowing me to boost my skills a lot I sold half of them, and the other half I'll keep to use myself.

Then there was the Radiant Strongbox even last week as well. It allowed you to win a special mount. I bought 10 of those boxes hoing to have some luck, but I didn't. Instead I won (amongst others) 4.000 Myrrh. At first I was like WTF do I have to do with that? Now that the Fear of Death is removed, the Myrrh has become somewhat obsolete in these large quantities. Then I remembered the large amount of incenses and came up with an idea.

I started to use my Myrrh Salvation skill (very strong healing skill using 1 Myrrh) overly. And when I say overly, I really mean it. The skill has a cooldown of 30 seconds and every 5 minutes I used it at least 6 times. Now what's the use of that I hear you think. Easy... Using the Myrrh Salvation skill boosts your Patronage experience with 5 points. And every level, the attribute your Patronage supports is listed with one.

And there I went... Earlier today I headed out with Patronage level 8. When I ended today I had Patronage level 13. By now my Finesse attribute is boosted with a +11 when I have my Patronage active. And since I have to use Incenses to activate my Patronage...

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