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More bad news on TERA - My hopes just DIED completely...
12 August 2010
A couple of weeks ago news hit it that TERA would be hosted in Europe by Frogster. There was huge speculation about item shops coming to TERA and even Free2Play. In a communique on the TERA forums, we were told item shops would not come to TERA at all...

Today shit really hits the fan with the announce that EnMasse has signed a deal with Digital River to open up in-game items for purchase outside the regular subscription...

Yo man, WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!

They excuse it with "It's almost standard these days for MMOs to offer microtransactions even on top of a subscription fee". Of course it is *NOT*. In case the publishers didn't pay attention to players behavior, only World of Warcraft can pull this off successfully. Of course, SOE has an item shop as well, but hell, thier games have little to no player base, and afaik the item shop is barely used...

On the other hand, todays announce does explain why Frogster was taken as publisher for the European market. They know how to handle item shops very well (as I explained earlier today while speaking of Runes of Magic), and will be the ones to implement it for Europe.

So to sum things up...


With the news that Frogster would publish for Europe I would give up if there would be an IP block. Now that TERA will have an item shop aside of the monthly subscription, I'll skip TERA completely!

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