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Serious design flaw
17 September 2011
Ah yes, I remember the thing why I left Aion last time. That one serious design flaw they incorporated into the game, and I'm stuck on it once again It's the same thing that most Korean MMO's have - they play socially and rely on team-play a lot. Now I have no problems with that. But right now I actually do...

My lil' assassin just hit level 22, and I'm still running around Altgard. I have to do 2 more quests in the campaign, and they both lead me into the Black Claw Outpost. And that's exactly where my problem lies: to find a party in there.

With most of the player-base being 40+, and Western players not being as social as Korean players, I can yell LFG <quest 1> <quest 2> there as long as I want, but the chances of someone actually coming back to Altgard and help me there are close to zero. As the fact that Aion on the Western market doesn't get too many new players (and thus only few players around my level in need of this quest), and the design flaw is at it's fullest.

Right now I have 3 choices:
1. skip this part till I can go there solo or find someone to party with
2. wait till the devs finally realize their serious design flaw
3. leave Aion for what it is

Well, 2 and 3 are no option to me. The 2nd option will most likely never happen, since NCWest is not allowed to actually mess with the game, other than maintain the servers and events. And the 3rd option might be tempting, but I finally wanna see some action past the 'starter' tween area.

So it leaves me with option 1, pass on and hope to either find someone to party with later on, or wait till I can solo this shitty area...

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