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So pets it is...
25 May 2010
Posted in Age of Conan
Yesterday I told you my necromancer would use pets instead of becoming a Lich. I made the decision on advice of someone commenting me on YouTube, and before I had certain skills.

Later on yesterday, I received a skill where I could almost literally "eat" my pets. That is, they give part of their life to me, and I could use this skill more than once, "eating" a bit of several pets. I thought this skill would prove useful, but as useful as killing a boss one level higher than me without that boss dropping me under 66% of my HP..?

I think it's very clear I should stick with pets. And that while I haven't really spent a lot of feats in the re-animation (pets) list. Imagine when I follow the whole feat list for pets

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There'll be pets here
24 May 2010
Posted in Age of Conan
On the YouTube video I posted two days ago of my necromancer doing AoE damage, I had a comment yesterday on it advising me to use pets.

It seems that pets in the higher levels do significantly more damage than I will ever be able to do as Lich... Not to mention that pets use less mana than being a Lich I was already tempted to use pets, but now I'm certain to use pets...

An other thing, I tried a couple of other classes, a Ranger and a Herald of Xotli, and I removed them both already. Both classes are not really my thing. Next try is the Bear Shaman. I think I'll like that one more, since it's a hybrid healer / buffer...

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I might go for lichdom
22 May 2010
Posted in Age of Conan
After playing for a while, I have a feeling I won't rely too much on my pets, but instead will go for Lich...

Where pets should do the job for the necromancer / summoner in other games, in Age of Conan, the pets do that little damage, that they're more like animated damage over times (DoT) rather than the main source of damage. Though their numbers compensate a lot, there's nothing more than the pure power of magic.

Walking around the Ruins near Tortage, I started to experiment with the area of effect ice-spell I have and the result was stunning. And that while I still didn't specialize in anything...

I know these monsters are a few levels below me, but there's no way I can do this much damage with my pets (yet). When I specialize more in magic (Nightfall feats), my guess is that the damage will only become more potent than it already is...

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Strom's final minutes
21 May 2010
Posted in Age of Conan
It took me a while, but finally I was able to kill the Tyrant of Tortage. The final quest (the presumed final quest...) is to kill Strom while he tries to flee Tortage.

After I killed him I spoke with a priest of Ibis (I forgot his name, it's the one you talk with when you start on the beach), and he sent me off to Kathai. At the time it seemed a good idea, but right now I'm not so sure anymore. So far there's no way back to Tortage (well, I can't find it yet), because I want to complete my last few quests there first...

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Climbing the volcano ...once again
20 May 2010
Posted in Age of Conan
I'm still stuck in Tortage with Age of Conan. And one of the story-line quests there is to climb the volcano and prevent the black witch to succeed in casting her spell to keep the volcano at bay...

So far all is going well with my character in Age of Conan. But now the question of the Feats is rising. Being level 16 at the moment, I do have to start distributing my Feat points, and I'm in doubt. I've seen two nice builds, each with it's own pro's and cons.
  • Pet controller - This build allows the necromancer to control lots of pets and do significant damage in PvE. It's very tempting for me to make this build, since I'm a sucker for pets. Down side is that the pets in Age of Conan do very little damage.
  • Lichdom - This build is a complete PvP build with little to no use for pets. The main aim is to become a Lich and focus on damage, and preventing of getting damage.
So far I'm still not sure what path to walk. The Feat points I spend now are the ones that are in both builds. I might as well go for Lich, only because the pets do so little damage in Age of Conan...

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Returning to Tortage
19 May 2010
Posted in Age of Conan
I've heard great things about the recent updates of Age of Conan lately. And with the coming of the new expansion Rise of the Godslayer which will be implemented today, I thought to give the game a new try.

So far I had only two characters in Age of Conan. One Priest of Myrtha (21) and a Demonologist (10). I'm not sure if I'll play the Priest of Myrtha again, but I'll leave her in Tanara where I found her for now. The Demonologist is an other thing. She was still in Tortage, and I wanted to play the new race of Khitai (hey, they're basically Asians, and I like them a lot ) Good thing the Khitai also know the Demonologist class, so I made one

...there I was, once again on the beach of Tortage, once again I had to face the Slaver of Tortage.

Okay, I know what I can expect in Tortage, but what when I go to Khitai..? There you can give allegiance to one of the warring factions and run errand for them. This is basically why I gave Age of Conan a try. This will give PvP a reason, aside from "the game tells me to kill the opposing faction".

Aside from all good things I've hear, one thing about Age of Conan clearly didn't improve yet. The support for DX10 is still extremely bad in the game. About a month ago I pointed out the differences of DX9 and DX10 in Lord of the Rings online, but in Age of Conan it's even worse
To be very honest, I see little to no difference between DX9 and DX10 in Age of Conan. But the performance between the two is huge. Where in DX9 I have around 50FPS, on the same spot with the same settings I have with DX10 only 18 FPS. That's a drop of over 60%! You've probably guessed it, I'll stick with DX9 in Age of Conan...

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Age of Conan - a 2nd chance
06 April 2009
Posted in Age of Conan
As you might remember, I played Age of Conan at the late closed beta, and with the start. At the time I thought the game was good, but performance, as well as quests over 40 could both use a lot of improvement. And thus it happened that I sold my first account ever...

Recently I've heard some very positive feedback about Age of Conan, and last month, DirectX 10 was finally implemented. With that, early last week FunCom started with a free trial (finally!). So I though to give it a try once more...

First of all, the download took ages... The trial-client is 13Gb and the download from took 30 kbps, and the .torrent they provide around 80 kpbs. As you have guessed, it took 2 days to get it here I think this is a thing FunCom has to change...
Then the game itself. First of all, I have to admit that the performance has been greatly improved. Where I couldn't play the game with Windows XP on medium settings, now with Windows Vista I can play it with some minor adjustments on high settings. Though I have to admit, the game still has trouble sometimes displaying all graphics as they should be. It's almost as if the settings drop down to lowest once in a while for a second...
Then the DirectX 10... Where in Lord of the Rings DirectX 10 made a hhuge difference on water and distance, in Age of Conan, I dont' see that much difference... The water is almost the same as under DirectX 9, and the view in the distance doesn't seem that much better. So far, I've seen only good foggy effects that comes from DirectX 10.

About gameplay, I can't say much yet. I'm still on Tortage and all the quests look the same as they did in the past. But what I did notice is that the amount of full drops as well as random stuff drops have been lowered severely.

Lets hope that further on in the game things will keep as good as I hope. For now, I've bought the client already, but thats only because the trial has 4 days left, and the client was only 15,00

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I miss something...
07 June 2008
Posted in Age of Conan
After playing Age of Conan for about 3 weeks, I seem to miss something. The game itself looks stunning and the gameplay is very nice. But eventhough these 2 things do sound good, I there's the feeling Age of Conan lacks something...

After evaluating the game a bit, I found a lot of good things, but also an evenly great downsides.
One of the best things is the combat system. I've never seen such a innovative system before, and I wonder if it'll be implemented in other games as well.
An other good thing is that the replay value is huge. There are 3 races that each have their own localized story line up to level 50 (don't know about higher levels). Same goes for the initial destiny quest. Each class has it's own quest, but the 2nd quest (at level 30) is generic.

Downsides are the graphics as well. Eventhough a lot of time has spend on the environment, the thing that you'll see most of the time (yes, your character) keeps running in the same dull gray/brownish clothes whatever the level you have. There's almost no color in the armor.
An other thing that bugs me is the lack of (forced) multi-play area's. It's up to you if you get into a party, but you can basicly solo aal the way up to 80. The only thing that's a forced multi-player thing is building a guild village (you need to raise money and gather resources for it).

A third thing, which is related to the great graphics, is the zoning they use. Every region is it's own zone; the world doesn't feel like a whole. And even then, each zone is instanced as well, to lower the number of players in the zone, and thus lag because of the load.

All in all, I'm bored with the game and put it back on the shelf. I might check the game again in 3 months again, but I'm not too sure about that.

In the mean time I'll play Lord of the Rings on-line again.
I also checked the Aion website and they updated it big-time. My guess is that soon the first US/European beta's will start and that the release is near...

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Sanctum of Burning Souls
01 June 2008
Posted in Age of Conan
Yesterday, Stormreaver, 4 random players and I went to the Sanctum of Burning Souls to do some questing there. I had 5 or 6 (don't recall the exact amount) quests to do there and we just went for it.
The Sanctum of Burning Souls is a tough dungeon to be in. All monsters there are Epic and there are 4 Epic Boss monsters there as well. Not to mention that there are hordes of monsters just running randomly around on certain spots...

Below is a short movie with the death of all 4 Boss monsters we met there:

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The end of the Tyrant...
20 May 2008
Posted in Age of Conan
Yesterday I was able to complete the last part of the introduction quest on the starter isle Tortage.
After a couple of days of hard work on the isle, I made quite a name within the resistance, and finally we were able to kick the Tyrant's ass...

During the last quest, for which you have to be level 19 minimum, you see the village at night and you have to kill some majoy members of the Tyrant's oppression. You also have to speak to the old seer Nadine, who will give you something important (not gonna spoil anything here ), and in the end you will meet Strom, the Tyrant, himself.

This movie was shot in my second attempt to kill him. As always, I forgot to use one of my skills: Frenzy. I normally don't use it that much, since I can handle normal monsters easily, but with boss monsters it's a life-saver... 

About my videocard... I have had some real problems with it, and I wasn't alone from what I've seen on the Age of Conan forum.
Everytime I play AoC in the highest resolution (1440x900), my system hangs itself in a couple of minutes. Sometimes I can play 5 minutes, and if I'm real lukcy I could play 30 minites. Also when benchmarking the card, it'll hang my system the moment the benchmark will warm the caches.
At first I thought the card was defective (you never know with eBay sellers...). Later I found out that my computer's my powersupply probably isn't strong enough for the card. My powersupply deliveres a mere 268Watt / 19Amp on the 12V line, and the card required around 245Watt / 21 Amp to function well. But when I changed resolution into 1280x800 and 1360x786, the benchmark was able to run normally.
Now I'm playing Age of Conan in the 1360x786 resolution. Last night I played around 4 hours straigth without any problems *knocks on wood*

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