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Serious design flaw
17 September 2011
Ah yes, I remember the thing why I left Aion last time. That one serious design flaw they incorporated into the game, and I'm stuck on it once again It's the same thing that most Korean MMO's have - they play socially and rely on team-play a lot. Now I have no problems with that. But right now I actually do...

My lil' assassin just hit level 22, and I'm still running around Altgard. I have to do 2 more quests in the campaign, and they both lead me into the Black Claw Outpost. And that's exactly where my problem lies: to find a party in there.

With most of the player-base being 40+, and Western players not being as social as Korean players, I can yell LFG <quest 1> <quest 2> there as long as I want, but the chances of someone actually coming back to Altgard and help me there are close to zero. As the fact that Aion on the Western market doesn't get too many new players (and thus only few players around my level in need of this quest), and the design flaw is at it's fullest.

Right now I have 3 choices:
1. skip this part till I can go there solo or find someone to party with
2. wait till the devs finally realize their serious design flaw
3. leave Aion for what it is

Well, 2 and 3 are no option to me. The 2nd option will most likely never happen, since NCWest is not allowed to actually mess with the game, other than maintain the servers and events. And the 3rd option might be tempting, but I finally wanna see some action past the 'starter' tween area.

So it leaves me with option 1, pass on and hope to either find someone to party with later on, or wait till I can solo this shitty area...

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Returned and enjoying it so far
16 September 2011
I know I've said early this year that Aion is not really my MMO to play for several reasons. And it still holds some truth in it. But yesterday I thought it was time to give Aion an other try. Mainly because of the upcoming 2-year anniversary, and (as I found out later), there's an event running right now.

So I installed the Assult of Balaurea yesterday morning, updated it to the latest version (took me over 2 hours to update ) and started to check where I left off last time. Well, where I left off last time is not really worth to mention. On one server I was still with my old Lineage II clan Co1, which is very empty (they all seem to have left both Lineage II and Aion, not to mention, the old clan website is down for over a year now ). And on the other server I had a 23 Cleric and a 18 Assassin. Looking at how I left them, it was obvious that I meant to play the Assassin last time, so I picked that one to play again.

The first steps were hard to take. I had to find out what skills I had, and how they worked (and I remembered the combo option again in Aion), and what my old G11-key setup was and how to optimize them. Next I looked at my stuff (both on the character, and in the bank), and before I knew, I was already 1 hour 'playing' (and I didn't even kill a monster yet). After that all, I took a peek at my crafting skills, only to find out that they sucked like hell (both crafts I 'progressed' to around 50 ).

2 hours after I logged on I was ready to start playing, and was amazed by the looks of Aion after Visions (the 2.5 update). It all looks so much better now! But hey, lets start do some questing...

Yeah, I found the 'daily' quests already, and the one-time quests in them (already did those yesterday, the movie is from early today). As you can see, I'm getting used to playing my Assassin already, though I think I can still do better...

As you might have noticed, I'm holding a bunch of flowers in the movie. I actually have 2 of them. One of the bosses in Hamerun drops them, and I (obviously) killed him twice already.
For now, I keep one to use (they are swords), and when I feel like it (and have the right level) I will convert my new weapons to these flowers. I know some don't like this feature of Aion, but I think it's kinda funny to have silly looking weapons like this

Ah yes, one more thing... As I started with shy I quited Aion before and said it's still a valid reason. Aion has forced party area's incomrperated, and you have to do these to progress in the main story-line. Though normally I don't care about forced parties, in Aion, most of the playerbase is already too high to care about the lower level players and their 'questing whoes'. For that, you should be in a legion (that's what a guild is called in Aion).
One of the 1st things I did was yell in the LFP-channel that I'm a returning (lowbee) player and looking for a legion. Good thing I was invited in one quickly, and they did help me with one of those forced party area's to complete my quest there.

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I remember why I quited playing...
31 January 2011
It's takenme a while, but now I remember why I quited playing Aion a year ago: the forced-party area's.

Though forced party area's are not too big a problem with a game that's just been released, in Aion, the general community is already level 40+ (avarage), and the lower level area's are all quite dead (as a matter of speaking). There is some activity, but most of these "players" are not even talking (players between quotes because I suspect most of them to be bots), and asking for party is a no-answer in general chat

Right now I'm with my Asmodian assassin right before the point I need to enter the Mau encampment, and that's one of those forced-party area's. This leaves me for a choice to either go in there when I happen to get a party (my priest didn't get one there last year, so I fear the worse), or skip it completely and head to the next stage of the game.

Personally, I'd love to enjoy all of the content a game gives, and having to skip an epic part like this (I did do it partly with my priest) feels just wrong.

Skipping it would be the easy way out, and then I have to go to the next part, where I know an other forced-party area is in about 5 levels from now. What to do then, skip it again? I'm not paying a subscription to skip the best parts of the game!

So it'll only leave me one option (again): skip Aion as a whole. I'd hate to drop it once again, but these forced-party area's (and no actual players around) are just a killer for my enjoyment of the game

I think for now, I'll just play through the rest of the month and hope to get some party there to do all the quests, but I fear the worse. If near the end of my subscription month there's still no change, I still can drop Aion as a whole...

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3D game-play testing
29 January 2011
Today, I finally recieved my blue & red 3D clip-on glasses to give 3D gaming a try. After configuring the nVidia 3D drivers for this I gave Aion a try and was really AWE'd! and the 2 pictures below show you why...

Okay, I hear you think "Why a shot from a camara?" Simple, only the display output is in 3D. The game itself is still the same old, as the left schot shows you. To show you how Aions looks like in 3D, I had to make an external shot. Just put on your own 3D glasses and enjoy

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Komu Silverclaw
26 January 2011
Re-rolling makes you do the same quests all over again in Aion (actually in most games). But for some reason, in Aion it's not too bug a problem for me, though I'm sure I should not make an alt right now, because then it'll become a problem for me

This time it was once more time to kill Komu Silverclaw and grab his horn. I've done it before long ago, and posted a movie as well (but that one had terreble quality compared to this new one). And this time, was much like the one before. A nice clean kill. Only difference is the class and thus the skills used. A priest is a slow killer, and I had to use healing along the way. Being an assassin, makes me able to hit hard and fast, and this new movie proofs it, it's about1 minute shorter

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Going rogue
24 January 2011
I never thought I'd seriously play a typical rogue class, but Aion forced me to make an exception

After my return to Aion last Friday, I found my (then) main character a bit slow to play. I had a cleric at level 23 or so, and combat went extremely slow. I know a cleric is not the real fighter, but after a few kills I had to rest a minute to regain mana. And that went on and on and on and...

So I decided to reroll. My first thought was a mage to make spirit-master, but I quickly removed that one and made a schout to make it an assassin later on.

Though assassin is not my "general" playstyle, it has a lot that I like. For instance dual-weild and melee combat. Downside is that it's a typical light aroumr class and the "hide in shadow". I hate to sneak around slowly, hoping I'm not detected, to get a successful backstab on my opponent. It's a good thing there are other ways to get behind your opponent. Stunning is the best one, and I have 2 ways to get a potential stun on my opponent already

The video below shows me killing a 5-dotted monster, showing most of the skills I have in a (I think) good way.

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Giving Aion a new try
21 January 2011
Today I bought the expansion of Aion: Assult on Balaurea, and hope the game has been updated good enough for me.

I know I've said March last year that I'm no RvR player (and still not am), but that was partly the reason I quited playing Aion. The other reason was that the engine gave me headaches and chaos back then.

But now, with the expasion, and (hopefully) some good engine updates, I hope Aion can be my home for the coming months, till the release of TERA.

You'll probably be wondering about Vanguard: Saga of Heroes as well? I'll explain that later on. Right now Aion is done updating and I can't wait to start playing it again

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I'm really no RvR player
26 March 2010
As beautiful as Aion is, I won't play it anymore.

Yesterday and today it just hit me a couple of times: the ganking in the game. And every 2-sided faction (RvR - Real vs Realm) based game has it, and it was also the reason I didn't like World of Warcraft (aside from the game being too easy).

RvR based games come basically down to one thing: If it moves and not one of us, kill it (forced PvP). If you don't use that rule, you're dead for sure. With that, "if it moves", "it moves" in groups. This somewhat forces you to be around with others as well, i.e. forced partying.
With that, the RvR uses a PvP system that has no meaning. Okay, it's one of "the enemies" you kill, and according to the game it might be right, but if that's the only reason to PvP, it's just a hollow system to me.

When I compare the PvP in an RvR game with the PvP in an open world system (like used in Lineage II), I prefer the open world PvP system. There PvP comes with a meaning, mostly in the form of territory control (castles in Lineage II and whole sectors in EVE online).
An other good thing about the open world PvP system, is that most games use a ruleset around it, where you can become a villain, and thus mindless ganking is discouraged.

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The game just got better
24 March 2010
Finally I've found a legion that brings more than just a little fun into the game: KillerKittens.

The KillerKittens have done what I was thinking of doing: start a new legion for low level players only. For once I'm not the only low-level player in the legion. Even better, I'm in the mid range of levels. This means we can party a lot, and help each other with crafting, quests and all that kind of things.

And most of all, the legion is chatty as well. Not only game related, but regular chit-chat as well.

God, was I waiting for a legion like this

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Komu Silverclaw
21 March 2010
The Elios have Trandila, the Asmodians have Komu Silverclaw.

I'm talking about the early game's semi-boss that the players have to kill. The story around Trandila is a bit shallow at least. The mother-dino is too big and lays too many eggs and has to be killed because of that. The background of Komu Silverclaw is a bit better I think. Komu is fabled to have fought along side with the Asmodians agains the Balaur in the past. Throuhg time Komu is getting older and a bit senile. Because he's getting a danger to himself, his fellow bears and (most importantly) the nearby village of Asmodians, you're sent to kill him. Of course, the village priest does that with pain is his heart...

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